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Green Smoothie

A preview of what's on the meal plan 

Most people give no consideration to their daily macronutrient ratio, and simply eat what they feel like. Over time this leads to gradual weight gain, accelerated aging and even illness.


The biggest challenge most people face is consuming enough protein and healthy fats on a daily basis. While protein and healthy fats are essential to the body, carbohydrates are not. Yet most individuals tend to consume more carbohydrates than protein and healthy fats together.


Our meal plans are intended to shed light on this imbalance in your diet, and to provide you with an example of what your daily meals should look like to correct it. 


Below are some examples of the meals prepared and photographed by individuals who are following our meal plans. Depending on your goal weight category, your portion sizes will either be bigger or smaller. How you choose to prepare your meals is entirely up to you.


If these meals look like something you could easily manage, go ahead and hit “Get Started”.

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