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Sardines, potato and green beans

When it comes to most healthy and environmentally friendly fish then sardines are at the top of the list. Rich in protein, omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin B3 & B12, calcium & vitamin D while low in mercury. However, should you suffer from gout or high blood pressure, you are better off keeping sardines off your plate. Three alternatives are provided on the meal plan to accommodate those who simply cannot eat sardines due to health related issues, and those who simply cannot stomach sardines. Sardines are not everyone's favorite, but we do encourage you to experiment with various recipes and find one or two that works for you.

Potatoes on the other hand is just about everyone's favorite, and a perfect side dish for sardines. Potatoes can be prepared in so many different ways. Your best option is boiled with the skin on, but feel free to alternate between, boiled, baked, mashed or even in a salad, just don't fry them!

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